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Device type iPhone 2G or 3G(S) (320 * 480 px)
iPhone 4 & 4S (Retina display: 640 * 960 px)
iPhone 5 (4 inch retina display: 640 * 1136 px)
iPad Retina
Other (experimental)
Device height Height of the device in pixels
Device browser height Enter the browserheight in pixels, this will trigger the alert. Type nothing if you don't want this.
Scale Scales your prototype including image maps. For Retina display this is 0.5 by default.
Pinch behaviour  
Scrolling behaviour You can have pages in your prototype that are higher than the device height, you can just scroll down the page. If you have a button on the bottom part of this page that has for example a slideleft transition, you have to decide what scrolling behaviour works best for you.
Message Show "add to homescreen" message If you uncheck this box, the user does not get the alert to add the application to the homescreen. Uncheck if you want to make a prototype forwebapps that run in the browser.
App name Is shown under the app icon on the Home Screen. Max is around 10 characters.
Start page The first page displayed when loading the prototype (leave the .htm out). It should correspond exactly to the name your used in Fireworks. Do not use special characters or spaces in your page names!
Addres bar Hide Safari address bar iOS only, experimental. Hides the Safari address bar when viewing the page as a mobile website.
Show a device frame Will be only visible if browser is larger than the prototype
Background color Color of the background (body). Visible in browsers larger than the prototype and seen when using transistions like "flip". Default: #0000000 (black). Use #FFFFFF for white.


Turn caching on

Cache your prototype for offline use and instant loading. Caching means that the prototype is stored locally on your iPhone. To clear it from cache, go to your iPhone's Settings > Safari > Clear Cache.

You might want to wait with caching until you are ready to show your design to the world. Or simply name new versions of your design differently, to avoid clearing the cache all the time.

Home Screen icon Upload a square PNG image that makes you prototype shine on the Home Screen!
Make it 114 x 114 px to make it look good on all devices.
Icon shine effect Show effect Do you want to add the default reflective shine to your icon?
Portrait Startup Image Screen that appears while loading the app. For iPhone: 320 by 460 pixels. For iPad 768 by 1004 pixels. If you want this in Retina, multiply by 2
Landscape Startup Image Screen that appears while loading the app. For iPhone: 300 by 480 pixels. For iPad 748 by 1024 pixels. If you want this in Retina, multiply by 2
Password protection Password protect your prototype Make sure that only people you approve can see your precious prototype. This method uses .htaccess, and requires internet connection. So no combination with the cache function possible!
Root directory You need to enter your root to your iprototype directory to make this work. If you do not know this, don't try it out! You will not have access. Just a guess: /home/iproto/domains/ipro.to/public_html/tap/ipad/
Login message Just a message to explain the user what is happening